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This range of wardrobes, from the simple to the ornate, should contain a style to suit most tastes. They are not mass produced - each one is built by hand.

Using quality materials, they have been carefully designed on both a practical and aesthetic level to provide satisfaction for many years to come.

There are countless outlets on the market which offer wardrobes of varying styles and quality. The downside is that these often have to be collected, then assembled and finally installed; some even need to be painted. All of this takes time and the end result is not always as appealing as the picture in the brochure might suggest. Many houses in London suffer from subsidence and as a result rooms can have sloping walls and floors - fitting any sort of furniture in these takes skill and experience.

Our wardrobes are delivered and expertly fitted on an agreed date. Even better they can be ordered to width (within certain limits) to suit particular locations such as alcoves. There are several variations in the internal arrangement of rails and shelves and of course in paint colour. Although our wardrobes are generally free-standing, the painted versions can be made as fitted pieces to blend in with the contours of the room. We use a mixture of hand painted techniques and spray finishes which gives our product a personal touch and distinguishes it from the mass market.

All our freestanding wardrobes are made to accompany their owners from one home to the next and can be partly dismantled for this purpose. If you would like a quotation please call us, remembering that a free home visit will probably be necessary. Good advice at this stage is invaluable and any potential issues highlighted. See our contact page.

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